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I make reviews on different essay writing services with one main mission – to help students make weighted choices of academic assistants and protect them from the unworthy companies. Which one is 7dollaressay? You can learn it from my honest 7dollaressay review. Reviews

service In the testimonials section on the homepage, I have found three video reviews from “real customers” of this service but I didn’t believe them on the first place because they all look too histrionic. Besides, these reviews just have nothing to do with what I saw with my own eyes.

Support For Customers

support There is a chat, phone line, and email contact form. With such a big number of means of communication, the team of 7dollaressay could’ve provide a much better customer service that wouldn’t keep you waiting for 10-20 minutes until you get a reply.

Website’s Usability

The website looks good. What I didn’t like is too much general information – the website is heavy on text and what is even worse, the most of it doesn’t provide you with any important information, it looks like a simple template with bunch of general phrases.

Safety Level

I should admit in my review that using this service is quite safe – they keep customers’ data confidential, payment methods are also convenient and safe. However, the good safety measures don’t protect you from getting low-quality papers.

Quality Provided

In my reviews, quality stands on the first place. I believe that many cons can fade away if the quality you receive from the service is really high but here 7dollaressay has also failed by delivering a paper with grammar mistakes, written in a primitive language.


payment The price at is low. Even compared to some reputable and affordable services like PapersOwl, this writing service is cheap but, taking into account the quality they deliver, I can say that such a low price is justified. One point off for not offering any discounts.

Writers’ Level

I would give 7dollaressay 10/10 points in my review if I could find any proof of what they claim to be their writers’ qualifications. The company assures that it employs professionals with vast experience, university degrees, and claims that all members of the writing team are native British and American writers. However, it does not seem to be true.


7dollaressay gives you all the guarantees you want to get from a reliable essay writing service:

  • Orders performed on time;
  • 100% originality;
  • Money back opportunity;
  • Native and expert writers;
  • Safety and confidentiality.

However, do they keep their promises? From all the guarantees they provide, I could see them complete less than a half of them – the paper I have ordered was written badly, delivered late after the deadline, and with low percent of uniqueness.


Whether is legit or scam is up to you. In my review of this service, I have found many flaws not only in the way they offer their services but also in the way they perform their work, which is why I can’t give this company a high grade. I would say that Paperell or PapersOwl are much more worthy. 7dollaressay has delivered poor quality and failed all my tests! Rated: 4.9

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  1. Wayne V. Brown
    11/01/2018 - 12:05 pm

    I used 7DollarEssay for help with a college paper I had to complete. The service was terrible to cut a long story short. It is definitely one of the worst essay writing services I have ever used. The quality of the paper was not what I expected – I think in hindsight I could have written something better myself!

  2. Gabriel B. Prewett
    11/02/2018 - 5:37 am

    I wanted an essay so I found 7DollarEssay and went ahead. The essay was good but it was sent so close to the deadline I didn’t have chance to review it properly so had to just hand it in and hope for the best. I got an okay grade for it but it was the stress I couldn’t handle. If I was to do it again, I would recommend giving yourself time before the deadline and when you receive your essay because it could have ended so badly for me. Luckily it didn’t!

  3. Valda T. Thompson
    11/06/2018 - 5:09 pm

    Here is my review for 7 dollar essay. Probably would use it again if I just needed a basic essay to add things in and add more detail in. The structure was alright so I guess I could use it more as a draft and work on it to improve it and gain a better grade. Depends how easy that would actually be though I guess. It’s a very basic paper writing service so there isn’t much you could really expect other than a basic attempt at an essay.

  4. Pauline J. Odom
    11/12/2018 - 7:02 am

    I needed a writing service but didn’t really trust the website but for only a few dollars I decided to do it anyway. It turns out it is legit but it was a bit basic. I needed an essay so thought there is nothing to lose in trying this way. The essay was alright. It was relevant to the topic but just a bit basic really. I’m still glad I used 7 dollar essay but I’m not sure I would use it again as I think I could do a better essay myself but it is still an option if you’re stuck.

  5. Ellen B. Hurt
    11/16/2018 - 6:55 am

    I don’t think I would recommend 7DollarEssay to someone else. I don’t think this essay writing service was awful but it wasn’t great either. I don’t think the writers are who they say they are – seem a little contrived and fake! The essay I got back wasn’t amazing either.

  6. Jennifer F. Castiglia
    11/23/2018 - 3:10 pm

    7DollarEssay was an average service at best. I can’t rate it any higher than that. It didn’t do anything that blew me away, but it wasn’t terrible either – it was just average. I needed a scientific paper writing and they delivered the essay on time on the date I requested. I just thought the quality could have been a little better.

  7. Michael L. Powell
    11/28/2018 - 3:42 am

    The this is the worst essay writing service I’ve ever used. It took age for my essay to come back to me which was way beyond the stated time. I felt like this was a complete waste of money and when I got my essay it wasn’t worth what I had paid. I was gutted because I thought 7dollaressay would have been a good option to explore but I won’t be doing it again any time soon after what happened. I think sometimes if something sounds too good to be true then it is!

  8. John Barry
    10/11/2019 - 12:35 pm

    I ordered an essay on one topic, but in the end, I got an entirely different one, it’s just ridiculous, it’s terrible and not professionally!

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