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11/18/2020 1 Comment

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Today I decided to do a new review on the service yclept EssayTornado. As you know, I consider my duty to tell you all the details that would make the process of ordering written work online easier for you. Of course, sometimes this is difficult because I can not always check and follow the smallest details. However, I always do my best for you. This review is no exception, on this writing service I made several orders, paid for them and checked the work of all areas of the website to draw a conclusion. Read the article to the end, and make your own conclusion about



Let’s start with the standard from the simplest and most significant part of each writing services. What services does this company provide, and how much does this correspond to reality? On EssayTornado you can order:

  • essay (any type);
  • article (any type);
  • content (any type);
  • assignment;
  • admission and application essay;
  • bibliography;
  • argumentative essay;
  • an article, book and movie review;
  • business plan;
  • capstone project;
  • case study and term paper;
  • coursework;
  • critical and creating thinking;
  • dissertation or part of it;
  • lab report;
  • math problems;
  • research paper and proposal;
  • speech;
  • thesis;
  • and some other writing works.

As you see the list is very big. That is why I told that it is impossible to check all the works they suggest to make one and the most right conclusion. They can create a perfect speech when the desperation will be with less quality, but in general, when I ordered an essay I was satisfied above average.

Price And Discounts


Firstly, there are never any discounts, which makes me very angry! Many other companies has such a nice discount for first order or for all clients which use their websites in a regular manner. But here you will find no discounts on sales, perchance only on big holidays like Christmas or Easter. As I said before, I’m very unhappy with it.

If to talk about the price, then it is quite standard for usual writing company – starts from $18. It is not cheap, but in the same way, it is not expensive, so, I am okay with this prices.

Customer Support


When customer support does not answer my questions it makes me pissed off. I think that customer support should leastwise answer the questions of customers; they work pretty fast, and you do not need to wait a long time before to get an answer. But there is a big BUT. It seems there are people who can not understand what you asked when and why you touch them at all, they are not rude but seems they are quite silly and pretty slow with answers. Other words they can not help me with the questions I asked.

My mark is 6 for the quick answer, but for the sense, I can not mark anything good, unfortunately.

Guarantees and Safety

What do they suggest when you placing an order or why you should choose this website but not another one? Let’s find out how honest they are.

Secured ordering

It means that all rights are legit and you pay only for the essay or another paper which you prefer but not for the one you are not satisfied. Other words you pay the whole sum only after you read the work and you feel happy with it. I checked it on my own and it is really the sooth. I asked to rewrite some things and fix the mistakes I found, and the writer made it without any questions.

Security guarantees

When say that there are no fees you need to pay, and the price they give is the only and only, which is always the sooth (from my experience). They promise that you stay safe to cooperate with writers.

Also, they give numbers like:

  • 554 amazing writers working on EssayTornado company;
  • 4,8 is a summary customer’s rating;
  • 66779 projects executed.



A huge pool of qualified professionals – it is what is written on the website. They reported that all of their writers are excellent professionals. From myself I would say that each of them (who I worked with) was quite friendly and open: they answered questions, solved problems and fix mistakes. Another thing is that some texts had serious mistakes, and if I were not very careful, I may not notice it.


I would not use this website. Of course, it is not bad, but I would not use because there are still better websites like Paperell or PapersOwl for almost the same price. Another way, there is nothing bad I can say about work on the writers or even support team was not that bad. You can trust to order an essay for a cheaper price, for example, but something like lab report I would suggest you opt for more trusted companies.

Rated: 6.6

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  1. Isabel Purves
    10/07/2019 - 5:12 am

    Fuu, this is just awful, I paid a lot of money, and the work is not completely done and with a lot of mistakes, I don’t understand how you can trust this service.

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