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5 / 5 0 Comments 11/08/2020

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If you took the decision to order paperwork with as I did before, I can guarantee you – such an extraordinary experience is hard to find again. My review will let you not make mistakes when having business with them. So here is a presentation of how everything looks like and how it works. Forget about the usual ordering panel and any kind of explanation of how everything is set up on the webpage. No contact details, no explanation for doing the order, or how needed help can be provided. I wanted to say a simple design but this is not that word that suits the description of HomeworkMarket site. I would say primitivism in the organization here. To compensate that empty space over the webpage the company decided by publishing a huge statistic window that reflects activity over the site. Here you can see who is working under someone’s order and how much time the tutor spent over it. And yes – tutors are those who will deal with your orders. So this platform is not about writers who help with essays. HomeworkMarket is more about online help with school homework, assignments, and students’ support. But no clarification about the specific types of work, subjects or types of documents can be found here. You will be provided only with two option buttons: Homework Market Review Not a big choice really. If you are still confused by my description – that’s okay. I also didn’t understand much when I went online making research about this writing service. If we can call it like this, of course. For sure an essay writing order is possible here but it looks more like a tutor’s advice in real life. But let’s go to the very story of how it worked for me.

Services offers by Homeworkmarket

Mostly is orientated to help with homework assignments. That’s why even placing the order for essay writing you will be forwarded to the window where they ask to post your question. Homeworkmarket Service Review Minimum details about which sort of assistance can provide. After the order is placed the tutors start offering their help. At some moment you will have a feeling you are spammed with the messages from those tutors. After waiting for a suitable writer you can observe the prices and level of assistance that they are offering. The choice is done and the platform helps with connecting students with the tutors. But the price must be paid before. Of course, you can request the desired deadline when your paper must be done. So it works like that. But if the student is looking for special offers HomeworkMarket doesn’t belong to the writing websites where such an option exists.

Expensive or not? uses a bidding system for prices. When the order is placed those tutors start bidding at once offering various prices. So it is not bad that you can choose the most flexible payment for your budget. However, no even approximate pricing details you can find anywhere on the website. What do the students think about the money they pay for writing services with the website? Homeworkmarket User Reviews The important thing with such writing services is that students choose the writer and the website offers the payment form at once. Thus, we deal with prepaid services.

Homeworkmarket Policy

It is the most mysterious moment with this service. No disclaimer regarding insurance, guarantees – nothing. I would not say that HomeworkMarket scam as it still will provide you with some kind of help in the end result. Although, you can read a big amount of complaints which don’t reflect a reliable and legit nature of writing services. When I was ordering writing for myself I didn’t consider the website as a fraud. But most customer reviews on the internet say the opposite thing. Their opinion is based on the low quality they got. So they have this argument to claim the company is not trustworthy.  Here is the homework market review by another student regarding the legacy of the platform: Homeworkmarket Policy Review

Quality of which sort?

The first impression after I got my paper done was very poor content. The written paper was telling that not a Native English speaker dealt with the assignment. However, I would not say the subject was extra difficult demanding deep academic arguments and research. I think I was lucky one since I still managed to receive something of average quality. As other users are often complaining, is not a place where you can get any help with the homework.

Where to call to?

And again fail here. doesn’t have any contact information on how you can reach customer support. Even no single chat as all modern services have today. “But how?!” – you would ask. I had the same question in my head at the beginning. After I found nothing I addressed all questions directly to the writer who picked up my order. As you can see, this is the only way of possible communication with representatives of this service if you have an account. Prey in your heart that the tutor is able to help you out. Because if not – there is nobody else to come and save you when having hard times with HomeworkMarket.

Good and bad about it

When describing this entire story I experienced with bad words are in majority among good ones. If to speak about positive features with this service I would say neutral is more suitable here. So let’s see what neutral and what bad shows to the customers.


  • Writing essay service
  • Tutor’s help with assignment
  • Bidding system: The user is the one who decides which price to choose


  • Not professional help, poor quality of papers
  • Not native English speakers work with your order
  • No contacts with the company
  • Most feedbacks are negative
  • Limited information about  the service itself
  • No policy explanation

My impression

If I need help with my paper writing again HomeworkMarket will be the very last place I will go or recommend to anybody else. Those red flags that students give as a warning in homework market reviews mean to think about whether such essay writing service is worth our trust or not. I would add that if you can see a transparent policy, positive reviews, and safe operation that is the place that you can trust. And there are really a lot of such services over the internet. Moreover, others’ customer feedback expresses only positive experience and real help. So why to waste time and money if there is no guarantee about nothing.

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