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About me is a friendly and helpful space created for students of all academic levels. This is a special environment where I am going to share my vast experience with all students to help them succeed on their academic path!

Who am I? The idea for creation of this blog came to me after many years of career in the field of education – I am person who has dedicated many years to provide people with high quality education, which I believe should be available for everyone. I know that studying is never easy. All students face various issues on this path.

Being a student myself, although quite a long time ago, and teaching current students today, I have learned all the inside of academic path that every person encounters in his life. I have learned much, if not say all, about the secrets of academic success, high productivity, and other peculiarities that can come in handy to every student! That is how my blog appeared.

This blog is a place where I can share some of the most useful stories, tips, and tricks that I was collecting during many years of work in the field of education. Thus, I believe that every student, regardless their age, should find lots of interesting and most important – helpful information in my blog. So I am happy to welcome you here!