Privacy Policy

In this document, you will find the basic information on the privacy policies of the EssayServiceScanner website. Make sure to get familiar with the presented policies before you start using our web platform. Here you will find much useful information and know the practices introduced on the EssayServiceScanner to collect data on its visitors and users. So, let’s start with the most valuable details.

Collecting customer private data

According to the EssayServiceScanner policy, we may collect information about you, as our user, while you use our website. Surely, we respect your privacy and want you to know what to expect from our platform. Therefore, we have developed a clear privacy policy that defines all the essentials of user data collection introduced on our website. Read it for a better understanding of how we gather and disclose the personal information of our users.  

So, here are these basic points:

  • All the means that we use to gather the personal information of our users are completely lawful and fair. They are also organized with the full knowledge and consent of the user. 
  • We are obliged to notify the user each and every time we collect information on him or her, as well as explain the purpose of such information collection. The user receives a notification where he or she can confirm one’s consent or deny us in collecting such data and leave the website. 
  • We gather personal user information only to satisfy the strategic purposes of the EssayServiceScanner website. The exceptions are only specific cases regulated according to laws that may interact with and affect our policies. 
  • All the collected personal information should be completely relevant to its purpose. In addition, we are obliged to structure and organize it in the most accurate, current, and complete manner. 
  • We take responsibility for the security of the collected user data. Therefore, we store all such information sets in the protected digital environment. It is fortified with the most relevant security safeguards (passwords, data encryption practices, complex authorization, verification mechanisms, etc.). These security measures are established in order to avoid loss, theft, disclosure, copying, or modification of private data on users. 
  • We clearly explain the purpose of collecting personal data on users to these users. 
  • We may retain personal information for an unlimited amount of time. It goes about keeping such data for as long as it may satisfy the purpose of its collecting. 



Our right to collect the users’ personal information is both secured and governed by the licenses provided to the EssayServiceScanner website. These licenses allow us to apply algorithms for collecting data on our users. Meanwhile, they also define strict restrictions on disclosure, loss, modification, copying of private data on users, as well as its theft caused by the neglect of our website’s administration. 



The materials that you may find on the EssayServiceScanner website are provided on an ‘as is’ basis. The website’s administration makes no warranties, expressed or implied. Therefore, the EssayServiceScanner website disclaims and negates all other warranties. These include, without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or any other violation of rights. 

The administration of the EssayServiceScanner website doesn’t take any responsibility concerning the outcomes of the use of materials presented on their website or events otherwise related to such materials or any platforms linked to this site. 



In no event, any representatives of the EssayServiceScanner website shall be liable for any damages arising from the use of materials presented on the given website. Also, in no event, the representatives of the EssayServiceScanner shall be liable for any issues resulting from the inability to use the materials presented on the given website. Both provisions apply even to the cases in which the representatives of the EssayServiceScanner have been notified in writing or orally about the event or the possibility of such damage. 


Privacy policy modifications

We strictly adhere to these regulations, but we should also inform you that may not be constant. The administration of the EssayServiceScanner website secures the right to introduce corrections and changes to this privacy policy at any time. If you want to be aware of the latest changes and constantly updated on them, we recommend checking this page from time to time.