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Do you need help with your writing assignments? If yes, then you will need to learn more about StudyHippo. Below is a complete review you should check out and see the specifics. It is important to learn all the basics and get important help as soon as possible. Here you can learn about the prices, samples, services and so much more. It is important to add that the site is safe to use and comes without any issues or anything similar. You can use it regardless of where you are now. 

Check out the StudyHippo cost, details, and more. This is a website that offers help to students who need it at any given moment. It is a trustworthy website that has been used by millions. You can get specifics about argumentative essays and all other types of papers. 

Services Overview

The site is a good choice for you. They offer over 150.000 essay examples that you can check right now. There is no essay writing service here. On the other hand, you can use a plagiarism tool and you can also use flashcards. There are also answers to the questions you may need to be answered. 

Types of Services

There are a few types of options you can get here. First of all, you can check out and download already written papers of any type. Then you have flashcards that come in all types. You can see and use the ones for science, art, travel, work and so much more. The next type of help is the plagiarism checker tool which is actually completely free to use. You can register at the site by completing the required fields and start using the site now. 

StudyHippo services

Free Essay Samples

All of the StudyHippo reviews by users are positive. Here you have a massive database of essay samples. There are over 150.000 of them. Each one is written for this particular purpose. This means that each paper is original. These writing services are rarer than you may believe. Usually, they come with a complete option. You will need a monthly subscription in order to check these files and download them. Then, you can use them to write a custom essay at a low price. It is a real deal that works well. The site should help you study better and easier. 


In the review, you must be able to check the details about the writers. All of the writers here are professionals who wrote these papers for this purpose only. Most of them are actual teachers working in education. Now you can study by using their indirect help. Costs for this are low. Each paper comes without any plagiarism and answers the topic perfectly. You can use these top-rated papers to your advantage. 

StudyHippo Writers

Prices and Discounts

The website uses a subscription to operate. What this means is that you will have to pay for a plan per month. There are two options here. The first one is a monthly plan of $19.99 while the second is $59.40 which gives you access for 6 months. In the second case, one month will cost you under $10. If you plan on using the site all the time, the latter is a much better choice. 

StudyHippo Prices

With the plan, you can access samples, countless essays, tools, and also flashcards. You can also get study tips. There are over a million of these. It is one of the more unique essay services out there. Discounts are occasionally available. Then will help you pay less but get the same perks. All Study materials are available here. The review is positive in this case. 


All of you will get certain guarantees from the brand. The first one is that all papers come with exceptional academic quality. Subscription can be ended at any given moment. Your information will not be shared with anyone. Then you can see that all users are protected with SSL while using the site. A refund can be requested by contacting support or manually canceled. Many have found that this is a simple process, and the website offers honest options. 

StudyHippo safe

Customer Support

There is no live chat here. You can contact support by completing the online contact form at the site. You can ask for support about subscription, content, essays and so much more. The company will respond soon and your issue will be resolved. You can find additional info at the official site. There is no need to register in order to do this. However, you will need a valid email address. You can ask them about pricing and they will still reply. This must be explained in this review. 

StudyHippo Support

Quality of StudyHippo 

For your money, you do get a lot. Each sample is well-written and professional. The info you will get can be used for your personal benefit at education. Yes, you have to pay for this but the price is low. You will find the site appealing and easy to use. There are a lot of students who have been using this service for years. The company offers only the best materials. This particular company offers a refund policy as well. In the lack of a better word, you won’t have any issues here. The general quality is above average. 

Is StudyHippo Legit and Reliable?

Many have found the options here reliable and appealing. The site is always active and can be accessed at any given moment. Support is available as well. The sample can help you with your own essays. Your information will not be shared and it is perfectly legal to use this StudyHippo. Read the review until the end. 

Pros and Cons 



StudyHippo has countless positive reviews and you can see why. StudyHippo reviews usually tell a nice and detailed story you will appreciate. In the lack of a better word, the company helps students and does this just right. You get samples, flashcards, and tools that can help you write better. Yes, you will need a subscription but this is perfectly normal these days. The service is legit and helpful, which is important. Your essays will become much better. The review here is another proof of that. 

StudyHippo FAQ

What is StudyHippo?

This is a platform where you can see samples, use flashcards, and more to get help with your education. The goal is to help you write better and improve your grades by offering tips and done papers. Read the review here.

Is StudyHippo legit?

Yes, because it is 100% legit. There is no need to worry about anything. It is basically the same as doing research online. Check the review to see the details and understand why.

Is StudyHippo safe?

Yes, the platform is safe to use and there are no problems here. They use SSL and your information will not be shared with anyone. There were no negative reports of any kind.

Is StudyHippo scam?

No, this is not a scam. You can always cancel your subscription if you are not satisfied and get your funds back. However, most users use this platform on a daily basis.

StudyHippo Prices

The prices are low and you will need $19.99 for one month or $59.40 for 6 months. The platform uses monthly plans to operate. You can even find discounts that will make the options even more affordable. There are many who have found various discounts.

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