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Writing essays and term papers can make your life on campus tedious. It is even more challenging if you are trying to balance that with other competing activities like your work, family responsibilities, sports, or the usual campus fun. It is for this reason that an essay writing service is an excellent resource for most students.

One such service is Write Essay Today, and which is the subject of this review. In this review, we want to answer questions likes is Write Essay Today legit? Is WriteEssayToday legal? And is Write Essay Today safe?

Short Description

Write Essay Today is a professional essay writing company in the US providing services to clients spread out globally. The company prides itself on a high customer return rate and that it uses only native speakers. From the information provided on the website, Write Essay Today uses professional writers in different fields, including magazine editors, practicing attorneys, and published authors. The site has a straightforward process for getting your essay done in just three steps. First, you submit the order by filling in details, and the service assigns your task to a qualified writer who then completes it in time to the given deadline.

It is, however, difficult to ascertain much about the company as there is little about the company on the website or anywhere on Google. Beyond its offices, there is little else regarding the number of writers, the company structure, or any setup. You, therefore, have no idea who is responding

Services Overview

Write essay Today offers the typical academic services. There are no resume writing services or any kind of business writing services. In this manner, the essay writing service is limited to students’ services who are their primary market.

The main service is custom essay writing, covering lab reports, thesis and dissertation writing, and research papers. Typical assignments include;

·         Literature reviews

·         Essays for MBAs

·         High school essays

·         Application and admission essays

·         Book reviews 

The company guarantees you plagiarism-free work and all the work is 100% original. The company does not sell you pre-written work and delivers your essay within the set deadlines. However, going by some reviews, it helps if you order your essays earlier. Doing so gives you enough time to make any necessary corrections and still hand in your assignment in time.

Types of Services

There are three main kinds of services. The custom essay writing service is the main one. Whether you want argumentative essays, descriptive essays, or personal essays, you can order them from Write Essay Today. They also handle different subjects and disciplines. The essays also range from high school essays to graduate and post-graduate level essays.

Another service they provide is essay proofreading. If all your essay needs are proofreading and editing, Write Essay Today has the professionals for that. The company says that will help correct your grammatical errors and other typos to ensure your essay reads correctly and properly. The service handles all kinds of academic formatting from MLA and Harward to APA and others. They will do formatting free of charge and in strict accordance with the assignment instructions.


The most significant selling point of Write Essay Today is that it uses native English speakers. The company claims that its writers have Native English Level fluency. They also have experience in writing, and it is also mandatory that they have a higher degree. The website also says the writers go through the following recruitment process;

·         Testing: in addition to the basic requirements, the writers complete a written test and have to pass an interview

·         They go through a probation period to demonstrate their essay writing knowledge, skills, and work ethic. 

While all this is well and good, it does not replicate the work delivered according to several past client reviews and even our experience. The one thing the site delivers on is time, but the quality does not meet their claims. From our experience and several online, the writers may not be qualified to handle the subject, and their English fluency may is also suspect based on the errors present.

Prices and Discounts

Write Essay Today has average to high prices. The determining factors for the cost of your paper are;

·         Academic level

·         Deadline

·         And the type of assignment 

Higher academic levels, shorter deadlines, and complex or lengthy assignments will cost more. There is a 10% discount for new customers and you may find coupons on several places online that will assist with the cost. The base price for different academic levels are as follows;

·         High school: starting from $6

·         College undergraduate: starting from $8

·         Masters: starting from $10

·         Doctoral: starting from $12 

This review found the pricing gets expensive for complex assignments, and given the quality of work, it is costly both in monetary and the type of grade you get.


The company provides several guarantees to the customers across various aspects of their work delivery, including;

·        Quality guarantee

Write Essay Today says they will ensure you get professionally written essays that reflect the tone of your academic level. Doing this ensures the paper is not too professional sounding to raise suspicion, but it is quality to get you the best grades. Part of the quality guarantee is that your writers are qualified from the top US universities. Our review, however, had issues with the quality, considering the grammar and lack of knowledge on the standard topics we sent.

·         Plagiarism-Free Content

Plagiarism is a significant issue in academic assignments, and it can even lead to legal problems at the top academic levels. This is the reason why the platform provides a 100% originality guarantee. They customize every assignment for the particular client, and thus no two projects are the same even if they are on the same topic. In this regard, we did not have an issue with Write Essay Today. They employ the best plagiarism checker tools, and your work will pass any screening.

·         On-time delivery

Write Essay Today guarantees to meet any deadline for the assignments they accept. Even for short deadlines like 12 hours, they will deliver in time. We had no problem with the deadlines, nor did we find any complaints online for this review. However, the work does feel rushed, which could be a consequence of compromising quality to beat deadlines.

·         Refund Policy

The company enforces all the above guarantees through its refund policy. You get a full refund if you cancel your order before the company assigns it to a writer. You may also get it if you are not satisfied with the work despite several revisions and the quality department decides you are due a partial or full refund. Free revisions are available for up to 14 days after you receive your completed order.

Customer Support

All credible and reliable essay writing services have customer support. We did not find that on the platform. Despite providing a telephone line, Live Chat feature, and an email, getting any complaint addressed is complex. The Live Chat feature staff are not equally knowledgeable beyond guiding you on how to get your order.

Quality of Paperworks

The quality of papers for the writing services at the platform is a huge letdown. From the test article, it is hard to imagine that the people who write it have higher education in the area leave alone being experts in the subject. Some of the academic formattings is incorrect, the paper’s content is also not quality, and on top of that, our review test had grammatical errors and typos that were not picked.

Is Write Essay Today Legit and Reliable?

There is no doubt Write Essay Today is a legit platform in that it has physical premises. It is also a registered business that you can transact business with various methods that usually only allow use on legitimate business platforms. It is their reliability that has issues. While the website’s testimonials and select review boards are glowing, it is not the universal case. There are plenty of negative experiences ours included the site not being reliable for quality work. Their refund policy also doesn’t seem to work concerning dissatisfaction with their quality. 

Low Rated Essay Writing Services

Experts rating
User rating
Key problems
Experts rating
User rating
  • Hight prices
  • Low quality
  • Deadlines
  • Bad support
Experts rating
User rating
  • Hight prices
  • Low quality
  • Deadlines
  • Bad support
Experts rating
User rating
  • Hight prices
  • Low quality
  • Deadlines
  • Bad support
Experts rating
User rating
  • Hight prices
  • Low quality
  • Deadlines
  • Bad support

Pros and Cons



Write Essay Today is not an outright scam in the sense that you get handmade writing and not robots work, and they have positive aspects like timely delivery. However, the quality of work does not match the claims they make. Even the site itself is rife with grammatical errors on its pages, whether it is spelling mistakes or typos. That kind of quality cannot be present in professional essay writing services. Its claims of writers from top US universities and professionals like magazine editors are ploys to scam trusting customers. We would not recommend the platform to anyone. 

Write Essay Today FAQ

What is Write Essay Today?

Write Essay Today is an online platform for students to get professional writers to do their academic essays and assignments

Is Write Essay Today legit?

It is not legit as far as quality work is expected as there any many negative reviews online from past users.

Is Write Essay Today safe?

It is a safe platform for your privacy and other details, but it cannot be trusted to deliver value for your money.

Is Write Essay Today a scam?

Yes, it uses unverifiable claims to position itself as trustworthy, yet it does not deliver work that matches the claims.

Write Essay Today Prices

The prices vary based on the level of education, the deadlines, and the type of assignment. The cheapest are high school assignments that start from $6.

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