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07/15/2020 2 Comments

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I have used this service severally to understand some mathematics concepts and some biology assignments.

Details About Studypool

If you are a student looking for an online study partner, we shall help you understand what is studypool. Apart from this, we shall help you decide whether it is the right online company to work with. Without anything further to discuss, let’s jump straight into the studypool review.

Services 7/10

A lot of services are offered by this company to students. However, the most common services include tutoring on different subjects like;

  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Social science
  • Business-related courses
  • Health and medical sciences
  • Engineering
  • Foreign languages

Studypool matches you with a perfect tutor according to the question posted. Studypool legit services include writing services as well. Online tutors and writers can also help you with all your assignments and personal writing. Studypool essay writing services include;

  • Essay and article writing
  • Resume writing
  • Blog articles
  • Dissertations
  • General assignments on any subject including algebra

Price and discounts 6/10

Unlike other sites, studypool prices are reasonable and well-moderated. The prices are charged based on two factors; deadlines and the level of writing of questions. Masters and Ph.D. questions and writings are more expensive than those for high school and undergraduate levels.

In the same way, questions that need to be answered urgently cost more. The minimum charges per question are $10 while the highest you can pay is $35. This leads to the question, “is studypool reliable?” I have worked with it on several occasions now, and it didn’t disappoint me.

Customer Support 3/10

One thing I didn’t like about this service is the quality of the customer support team. It takes almost 20 minutes to get a response to your queries. Moreover, when the response comes, it does not answer the questions you asked. The response is more like a guideline of how its services work.

The customer support does not offer any useful information to new clients visiting the site. The fact that it takes a relatively long time to respond is a downside. From other online studypool reviews, it is evident that many people find customer support wanting. I think this raises questions like, “is studypool legit or is it a scam website?” Just my thoughts.

Quality 7/10

One thing studypool doesn’t compromise is the quality of work and services delivered to clients. This mostly plays a part in the writing services provided by the service. All studypool plagiarism policies are strict, and tutors who deliver plagiarized work get suspended.

The website does not check your work for plagiarism before delivering it. However, it provides an integrated content checker on its website. If you find your paper to be plagiarized, you can report it and have the necessary steps taken.

Many students fail to use this tool only for their work to be rejected. This has led to several studypool scam reviews online.

Guarantees and Safety 4/10

The company has worked towards a standardized process of verifying quality services in all tutoring sessions and assignments. Its main emphasis includes professional, convenient and comprehensive tutoring experience to clients. The most common concern raised by most students must be, “is studypool cheating.”

The answer to this is very simple. The company tries to make students understand different concepts by asking questions when they don’t understand. It is therefore not a cheating process but a learning process. If as a student you are unsatisfied with the services provided, you can always claim a refund which answers the question, “is studypool safe for students?”

Interface and usability 4/10

I found the studypool website user-friendly and effective. The process of placing an order is quite simple and elaborate such that anyone can do it without any problems. The fact that it is straightforward to log in and register makes it even better.

Another essential feature is that the website ensures that you remain anonymous after you register. This ensures that nothing can blow back on you due to your information being leaked out. All your information is absolutely safe from prying eyes, including your bank details.

Writers’ and tutors’ qualifications 6/10

The service has an elaborate way of analyzing and verifying their tutors before they can hire them. This basically means that they only hire qualified writers and tutors with sufficient knowledge and skills. However, cases of poor-quality work and plagiarized studypool essay services are reported once in a blue moon.

Although there are qualified tutors, some of them do not meet the required standards of work delivered or the tutoring experience. I found this area wanting; further improvements and measures can be taken to rectify this.

Payment 8/10

Studypool has one of the safest payment systems. If you are constantly wondering, “is studypool safe?” you don’t have to worry about your money getting lost or your bank information getting leaked.

The company has one of the best encryptions and fraud prevention tools in the industry to ensure you and your info are safe. The fact that it has several payment options also makes me like it. These payment options include;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • American Express


Although there are some aspects of this company that are not up to expectations, it is a suitable study partner. The service specializes in all subjects taught in schools and colleges hence being more suitable for all students.

Another useful aspect is that it specializes in personal writing like resumes and projects. I found its services appealing, and I would recommend that you give it a try as well.

Rated: 6.8

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  1. Amy Easty
    10/08/2019 - 8:05 am

    A simple but pretty good service, I found many useful tools there that were useful to me. I ordered essays there many times, everything was cool)

  2. Alicia Hort
    10/21/2019 - 9:07 am

    I liked my term paper, which I ordered here, but consultants can just be rude to you, it’s not very pleasant and not professional. This spoils all the pleasant feelings of the term paper done.

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