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As you progress with your academic journey, you find that challenges keep getting tougher. Sometimes you may have an essay assignment that you perceive to be very easy. However, once you embark on working on it, you realize that you don’t have a clue on where to start. Writing is hard and tiresome at times.

What 123helpme Has to Offer

Having an online helper for all your writing needs seems like the best option. This excerpt will focus on 123helpme essays and article writing service. We will help you establish whether this is the best service for your writing needs. Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Services offered 4/10

Basically, this service only gives you access to prewritten content, thus, not a standard writing online company. There is no writing involved in the process, whatsoever. However, the services give you access to papers on different topics and subjects. Most 123helpme reviews indicate that you can find the following documents here;

  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Essays
  • Academic papers

The quality of essays you need depends on how much you are willing to pay. The site offers some essays free of charge to clients. These papers can help you draft your assignments as well as outsource crucial information for your research papers.

Apart from these services, the site also has some additional free services like;

  • A guide for writers
  • Tips on how to make essays better and successful.

123helpme review of prices and discounts 3/10

This company has recently changed its pricing policy from paying for a single essay to monthly subscriptions. The 123helpme review of the pricing policy has left many concerns among clients some of them being, “is 123helpme legit?”

I liked it better when you had to only pay for the paper you need. Now you have to subscribe for at least a month even if you only need a few articles. It seems unfair and expensive for students living in tight budgets.

What I don’t like about this new pricing policy is that your fees are updated automatically every month. This means if you opt out of the service, you must cancel the subscription within seven days. Plus, it is a bit expensive with the minimum plan being $9.95 per month for a year. For less than a year, then it gets more expensive.

Quality of 123helpme customer support 2/10

I found their online chatting systems to be very poor and annoying. My queries and concerns took almost forever to be replied to. From several 123helpme com reviews, I learnt that the site uses email connection for its live chatting system. This explains the slow nature of the response.

Whenever you want to raise a concern or ask a question, you can only write an email. Sometimes you don’t even get a response. This has contributed to a lot of 123helpme scam reviews online.

Sites like 123helpme often have an efficient online chatting system where clients get their queries and concerns responded to within minutes. This fact raises a lot of questions on the site’s legibility and reliability.

Quality of services offered 3/10

On the first two occasions, the quality of the papers bought was excellent. However, the next two papers I purchased were a disaster. They were poorly structured, and one of the papers had a plagiarism level of more than 40%. It is hard to tell whether the company has any quality measuring standards and policies.

This made me understand why many concerns were raised by several 123helpme essay review sites, “are essays on 123helpme plagiarism free, does the site have a way of checking for such errors?”

If you are wondering, “is 123helpme plagiarism free?” am sorry to disappoint you as the site doesn’t have even a plagiarism checker tool. All papers bought from this site should never be submitted. They should only guide you towards writing your own. Of course, this is a setback to students who need help writing their papers. If you want to submit it, check using other sites.

Guarantees and safety 2/10

Personally, there is nowhere I found on the site about guarantees for services offered. Gathered information from several 123helpme reviews dictates that the company does not have any real quality guarantees.

The company only claims that all its papers and essays are of high quality and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Lack of real quality guarantees can lead to concerns like, “is 123help me safe and reliable?” Am also tempted to say that this concern hit me as I was going through the reviews. I have said it!

Usability and interface of 123helpme website 8/10

What I liked about the 123helpme website is the fact that it is simple and friendly to clients. The web design is perfect for everyone to use without experiencing any kind of difficulties. From the home page, you can choose the type of essay you want thus very easy to go about it.

From the home page, you can also access helpful writing tips and tricks for all kinds of papers. This is one of the best features of this service, and I liked it.

Writers qualifications 3/10

There are no qualifications for writers since the company specializes in prewritten materials. From several reviews, I have learnt that the company relies on materials and papers donated by writers. For this fact, the company does not have to ensure that all its writers are qualified.

It is their word against nothing.


If you are looking for inspiration and information to write about in your paper, then 123helpme is the right destination for you. However, if you want help in writing your papers and essays, then you are best advised to search elsewhere. It is most likely that all the papers and essays in the site’s database have been submitted before.

I feel like this might not be the best option for you. But you are free to give it a try should you want to.

Rated: 3.6

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