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11/27/2020 7 Comments

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No wonder that lots of students decide to order an essay paper instead of writing one by themselves. However, it happens that essay writing services deliver works with quite poor quality.  I decided to check one of such services by myself to see what they can offer.

What essay writing service EssayShark offers

It is pretty hard to form your own opinion about this service as its website offers writing term papers, essays, dissertations, and other papers with high quality. However, if you find a shark review on the internet, you may be impressed by its variety. Customers of this essay writing service often share negative experiences they got using the services delivered by Essay Shark. I checked whether the papers written there really have great quality. Read my shark review to see the answer!

What can you order at EssayShark

The first thing that has to be mentioned in this Essay Shark review is that the writing service has a bidding system. It means they offer a huge list of different services. Here you can order a coursework, critical thinking, creative writing, and lots of other types of paper. You can even buy a thesis or dissertation. So, how does it work? You place your order and wait for the service writers to apply it. The thing is if your task is quite complicated, it is better not to expect many bids. For example, if you need a dissertation and the topic is really tough, it can happen that none will respond. The writers here have quite a big selection of orders and they often ignore difficult ones.

EssayShark Services Review

What price rate is normal at EssayShark

Speaking of prices, one can be reasonably confident that EssayShark has one of the best pricing schemes on the market. The lowest price for your order starts at just $13.40, which is the cost of a one-page High School assignment with an extended deadline. It might be obvious, but the more complex and urgent essays require higher payments. The good news is that EssayShark has a smart calculator, capable of demonstrating your order’s price in just a few clicks.

All you have to do to determine your order’s price is to choose the type of work, urgency, and the number of pages you need to be completed. With a smart online calculator, EssayShark would then display a price for your order or send you a detailed guide to your email. Since EssayShark is known for its moderate fees, please note that ordering there is wise once you’re looking for appealing prices.

How about the quality?

When you check the profiles of the writers, you’ll realize they are not specialized in any field. Isn’t that weird? Some Essay Shark reviews say that all this website is just a scam. I don’t think that your money can disappear here. However, it is highly possible that you will pay a lot for a low-quality essay from the writers who aren’t English native speakers. Remember that the lower the price, the lower the quality. If you need your task to be done perfectly and there is not much time left, you probably have to pay a lot for a really good job.

With regard to my own experience, I didn’t like the essay one of the people there wrote for me. I placed a bid in the afternoon, and in the evening there were about 10 responses. After comparing the offered prices and writers, I have made my choice and it wasn’t the cheapest option. Nevertheless, in the end I have got an essay with the lowest quality you can imagine. My writer said that he put a lot of effort in order to do his best… I asked for a higher quality essay and sent everything back. After the check by the writer my work looked much better but still far from perfect.

I wasn’t going to write the full EssayShark review but here I am. The site design is great and they did a decent job in order to be among top writing services. However, after you place a bid there, be ready to get disappointed.

EssayShark User Review

Is EssayShark legit or not?

Something that most students worry about is whether this essay writing service is legit or not. Of course, none wants to be fooled by the people who are working for EssayShark. I have read a lot of essayshark reviews and haven’t found any comments about the illegality of the service.

How do you pay for an essay paper? There are no upfront payments. The money required for the work is reserved on your credit card. When the writer completes a milestone, you have to release an installment. Keep in mind that if you don’t like the final results, you cannot get a refund from Essay Shark.

Another sad thing is that the service is rude to its own workers. Lots of those who were writers of Essay Shark before, are sharing very negative feedback now.

EssayShark Customer Review

Something you definitely have to know about is that there are lots of false comments about EssayShark on the web. If you want to know how an Essay Shark review from a real customer looks like, keep reading.

How to get in touch with customer support of Essay Shark

Well, theoretically you can reach customer support if you have some problems. There is an email for sending letters. However, it doesn’t really work.

EssayShark Support Review

This website is basically just a platform that connects writers and students. When you are asking the support to help, they usually answer that you have to sort things out with your writer. Anyway, they have no idea what your research paper or essay is about.

What is good about Essay Shark website

Yes, it’s not completely negative Essay Shark review and I must say that there are some benefits of using this essay writing service. For example, the customers have an unlimited number of free revisions. If you don’t like something, just send it back and your essay will be revised. This is pretty comfortable considering the fact that you pay by milestone.

What features the service offers:

  • Online chat with your writer
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Apps for iOS and Android

Why I don’t recommend to choose Essay Shark

The bidding system has a big minus. The point is when you order something here, there is no guarantee that you will get a response from someone who is ready to work for you. In contrast, most paper writing services promise that they will find a person who is a professional in your field of study and can complete any kind of task you need. So, using Essay Shark is a bet. If you are very close to the deadline, it is a risk to order an essay or dissertation there.

Usually students are happy to hear that they should pay milestone by milestone. However, there is also a disadvantage that makes this system imperfect and I have to mention it in my EssayShark review. The person you ordered to write an essay may stop working on your task if you ask for too many additional revisions. In such a case, your money is safe but you simply lose your time.

My opinion about Essay Shark

I think this service consists of people who feel that they are not under control. I mean that the person you are working with can be really skilled and talented but he/she usually wants to earn a lot of money in a very short time. Such things always affect the quality of work. From my point of view, the sites with freelance writers could be a better option. Of course, you are free to choose the best service for writing your essay or dissertation. Just consider the things mentioned above in order to get good results.

Rated: 6.9

Essayshark FAQ

What is Essayshark?

EssayShark is an essay writing service provider that offers various services such as writing term papers, essays and other papers with high quality. Several other services are provided, such as essay examples, coursework writing service, and you may even choose to buy a thesis or dissertation.

How Essayshark works?

Essayshark is a website that requires your personal information upon login. Then you choose the type of paper you want to order. Upon getting your request, the writers will start bidding on your assignment from which you can select the writer of your choice.

Is Essayshark safe?

EssayShark service is safe to use, and even though there are questions on the legality of these services, clients can expect their assignment to be completed. The money required for the completion of the task is reserved on the client's credit card and will be released after the writer completes the milestone.

Is Essayshark scam?

Even though several reviews on the site claim that Essayshark is a scam, you don't run the risk of losing your money through availing the services. However, you may get a subpar paper written by a non-native English writer.

Essayshark Prices and Discount

The clients can choose the writers of their choice by checking out the bids. Each of the writers is entitled to set their prices, and it is up to you to decide which writer best suits your requirements. A writer who usually charges higher may be able to provide a better quality paper.

How good is Essayshark?

The site is easy to navigate. However, clients may find that writers are not readily available to work on your assignment. This can especially be a problem if your deadline is nearing since you run the risk of missing out on the submission due date.

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  1. Jonathan Elder
    07/12/2019 - 6:56 am

    This is not a shark, but some kind of small aquarium fish. It seems that only one person works on the site. All work is done very slowly. A regular essay can write more than a week while on other services it takes only a few hours. The quality of writing is very mediocre. I still recommend not using this service if you need to do something quickly and efficiently.

  2. Austin Paul
    07/15/2019 - 7:14 am

    I ordered here twice. The first time everything was fine, but the writer was two days late. This was not a big problem. But the second time the writer refused to perform the task the day before the deadline. As a result, I did not even get the money back. Maybe I was not lucky all the time, but I will not deal with a shark anymore.

  3. Jack Burston
    07/17/2019 - 10:21 am

    I did not like this service, waited for answers from the writers for a very long time, I do not recommend it!

  4. Alana Cohn
    07/24/2019 - 10:20 am

    This is a real shark in the sea of writing. It is very expensive, but if you have money, you can safely use this service. An essay will cost about 100-150 dollars. It is cheaper to buy shark meat.

  5. Tahlia Nepean
    07/29/2019 - 5:08 am

    Another scam service. Writers have no experience. These are ordinary students. Prices are higher than normal services. I do not recommend using this service to students. You can just lose time and money here.

  6. Claudia Heney
    08/07/2019 - 7:26 am

    I would use this service if not for the so high prices. It seems to me that it is a mistake, for I paid for the assignment, as for half the dissertation.

  7. Tyler Simos
    08/07/2019 - 7:31 am

    I can’t say this is a bad service. The quality is normal, the writers communicate nicely. But prices are just awful. Who is willing to pay $ 100 for an essay? It is too expensive for any student.

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