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I have been thinking for a long time to write a review on this writing service. And for some reason I constantly postponed this idea, maybe it was laziness. But more recently, the company completely changed the design of the website, and I realized that it’s time to write a Paperell review. Do you know why? Just follow the link to the website and look at the picture – it’s very stylish! But what about the services they provide? I really hope that they are as attractive and beautiful as the new interface, let us find out about it!

Usability 9/10

Of course, I start writing from the review on the interface. I think it’s obvious if you carefully read the beginning of the article. The new interface is the reason why I decided to write this legit review (but I never regretted it).

White and purple, who would have thought that I would like the combination of these colors in the new website design? Moreover, the website has become much more convenient and understandable to use. This is another reason to praise the designer and developer.

My score is 9 out of 10, because there is always a way to make much better, and I very hope that the company will not stop developing this writing platform.

Service 9/10

paperell review services

The design has changed, but the service has remained and it’s good! Previously, my only problem with this portal was – it’s a mediocre design, but they always had an excellent service. You can order essays on different topics and in different genres, as well as many other kinds of papers (lab and book reports, coursework and dissertation, term paper, case study, thesis, research paper and many other).

Price and discounts 10/10

Paperell prices are reliable and affordable for all students. I try to be objective because I also a student and I know how hard it can be when you need to order a paper, but the prices of good services are too expensive. Here another situation, you on 99% can effort to buy a paper here.

There are discounts for regular clients, and you will get it the first time when placing an order.


  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX
  • PayPal

Customer Support 8/10

paperell review support

Support answer but not very fast. With not very fast I mean it can be about 5 minutes, and yes now some people can laugh. But I hate to wait and become even more nervous. To be objective, support works nice and solve all problems I ever asked, but still I very impatient person, that is why it is 8 from 10.

Quality 10/10

Hard 10, and no compromise. I do not want to write too much, because there is more than one reason for this. But for some reason, I want to bring to argument only one main reason: all papers I ordered on Paperell had +A mark in the university. There can be any other questions about the work quality? I really do not think this way.

Safety 10/10

Verified and Authentic is kind of the motto of this company, and I want to admit that I really like it, because of nothing pathetic and ridiculous in these words, clearly, true and understandable. What else is needed?

From guarantees they provide:

  • Live phone and chat customer support 24/7
  • Zero Plagiarism
  • 100% money back
  • 05% of drafts require revision
  • Full Confidentiality

What could I check? When I asked they back my money, they editing my work even understand that there were no mistakes (i know I was wrong, but I needed to check it), the text was 100% unique and about support, we already talked below.

Writers and qualifications 9/10

paperell review writers

Writers are patient and polite. Also, they answer all questions and making editing if needed. I am sure that they have native writers, and they 100% educated because all of the assignments I received had excellent quality.


I recommend using this website for many reasons and finishing this article you probably already know them all. But I’m sure, you will find our much more form personal experience, and it will be something good. I see that the company is developing, moving forward and winning more and more customers. Ratings are growing, user reviews are getting bigger, and the price is standing still, and it’s an amazing fact.

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