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0 Comments 01/01/2022 recommended itself as not a bad essay writing service compared to other services. If you check website they will do their best to eliminate any doubts regarding their legacy and reliability. And they really are a legit custom essay writing service. But what is about fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations? Customwritings will state about it as well. Those numbers about their rating you can see on the very first page. CustomWritings Service Review Looks great! But wait. Do you think there will be a place for any negative or even neutral feedback presented on the page? Exactly! Let’s go to the Reddit review. How do you like this: Customwritings User Reviews Customwritings Customer Reviews All is good until you don’t see the whole picture. We can say that there will always be a place for negative custom writings review when dealing with such companies. Well, there is no smoke without a fire, as we usually say it. But leave those reviews and look at how works in real life.

The Services

CustomWritings’s user will be provided with any kind of paper according to his or her needs. Go with the “place new order” option and there will be an order form that you need to fill out with your details. The procedure is not something complicated. So submit that form and the writer will pick the order. But just going a little bit ahead, don’t expect you can have access to interact with the writer when he or she is working on the assignment. This service simply doesn’t have this feature for you. That was a bit strange for me since every modern service has it now. But getting back to the services themselves and the ordering process. What you have in addition is that you can specify the paper format before your paper is done. The deadline length will vary from 14 days maximum and 4 hours minimum when the paper can be written. In my case, when placing an order I chose Advanced Writer for an additional +25% to the total payment. Later I understood that was just additional waste of money. The quality was not something outstanding I was expecting when paying that amount. However, here you can find a free plagiarism checker for your academic writing. Even if the quality isn’t so high the paper itself guarantees to be a unique one. I didn’t have any issues with my paper regarding plagiarism but some other customwritings reviews made me think about the writer’s qualification.

Pricing Policy

Keeping in mind that CustomWritings always emphasizes its functional approach, it also relates to prices similarly. This platform’s owners are frequently asked why the fees associated with orders are so high. On a dedicated section of its website, you can see that the minimum order’s price equals $10. Once you pay such an amount, you’d get a 1-page High School essay in under 14 days after confirming your order. Alternatively, expect to pay no less than $72 for a page of Ph.D. writing that would be delivered in under four hours. It seems that CustomWritings has a vast pool of writers with various responsibilities. While the High School assignments are cheap, the more complex tasks cost more, especially if you’re ordering Ph.D. dissertation assistance. Even though the more advanced writing requires higher payments, you can still expect to get a decent quality that has always been the case with CustomWritings. Please note that the so-called ‘Complex Assignments,’ including Architecture, IT, Maths, and Finance, are charged 20% more than other orders on this platform. Keeping it in mind, you should consider whether placing such an order would be financially viable for you.

What sort of product is it?

The fact that CustomWritings offer those three options to higher up the service for your writing gives some suspicious thoughts. Strange is that those experts are not really professionals since you should pay additionally to get a Native English speaker. So that means the company hires just people with not enough knowledge not only in the discipline but in the language itself. Unbelievable. How can I trust somebody if it is clearly said that you will be served by an ESL writer? As I have already mentioned I went with the Advanced option when choosing a writer. That had to be some kind of guarantee that my subject will be observed by an expert in his field of study. As it revealed, later on, my writer didn’t have any deepened knowledge regarding the matter he was observing. Moreover, the written content was so dirty with the mistakes that I had to ask the “expert” not less and not more but three times to do anything with my paper. At last, I got some middle quality of the product. I spent hours when my writer was working on that revision and managed to get my paper finally done at the end of my day. Definitely not the best experience ever. But again they provide those post revisions after academic papers were done and you found your assignment not meeting the expectations.

Ask them

That was maybe the only thing I have no questions about. The customer service was nice. I communicated via live chat with their support team and got all my questions to be answered. You can contact them in all possible ways. The customer support is reachable via phone number, email, and live chat.

Will they give the money back?

Yes. They are really legit companies. The terms and conditions clearly say that. Since we know it is not a scam the second question appears – refund policy. But the procedure of refund is not as easy as you might think. Customwritings state they will refund your money if there is a reason for that. But each case is considered separately by the company. So if you have any kind of issue with the custom writings that might work for you. But again it wouldn’t be an immediate procedure. Customwritings will decide about your issue within two weeks. But in general, that is good they state about all those things in such an open manner. Here I can assure you that legit status is proved and you can read reviews not a single time about it. If you read a review written from my side you can be 100% sure that things are the same in reality as I tell you here. Their company is really reliable. And if the writers will cause any issues you would complain about, there is that chance of getting your money back.

 Pros and Cons



I want to say if you have a choice – use it. If you can choose other essay writing services but not customwritings – choose them. I would not say customwritings take the last place among other similar companies but it is definitely not a multiple-times-usable service. Being aware that somewhere else can be a better result of the order makes you think before placing an order with customwritings.

If you read review first there won’t be a strong desire to make your academic assignment done by customwritings writing team. Such a type of service will be avoided by many consumers. At least you know that this website is safe. And as long as you need some average quality papers such custom writings offer will suit you. Otherwise, look again through review one more time and find free time for new research among the other services which are located in a higher position than papers of

CustomWritings FAQ

What is CustomWritings?

CustomWritings is an essay writing service that provides the users with any paper such as assignments, blog posts, critical thinking and dissertations or anything else that they require.

How CustomWritings works?

Using CustomWritings is easy by simply logging into the website and registering. Then you can place your order which is a form that you fill out with the details that you require. A writer is then assigned to your requirements and will work on your custom plagiarism-free paper.

Is CustomWritings safe?

CustomWritings is a safe website to use, and clients will not lose their money over the services. However, more often than not, they are provided with a low-quality paper that is full of errors. You can ask for revisions, but it can be a bit of a hassle.

Is CustomWritings scam?

CustomWritings is not a scam and can be used without worrying about losing your personal information. There is also a refund policy that you can use if you are completely dissatisfied with the work that you receive.

CustomWritings Prices and Discount

The prices are reasonably set. For a page of a high school essay with a deadline of 14 days, the price is $10. For an Undergraduate level paper with the same deadline, prices start at $14. You can get promo codes sometimes on their email, and regular clients can get a Lifetime discount that can reduce expenses by 15%.

How good is CustomWritings?

CustomWritings may not be the best essay writing service available since there are a few problems with the deliverables. If you can do with average quality papers, the service will work for you. However, for top-quality papers, this service may not be feasible.

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