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What is special about service? keeps its rating on quite a nice level and does its best to leave satisfied customers after they decide to place their order with EssayBox. If you check here below you’ll see they try to keep their service level high within four last years. And I should admit they manage to. EssayBox Service Review Is essaybox legit? review is constantly performed by many customers who had a chance to use it. After knowing the fact that the company puts so many efforts to keep its reputation we can state that the service is legit and there must not appear any problems when dealing with it. But let me make a more detailed review about how it worked for me.

What can be found on the website?

The interface is very convenient. Anything EssayBox has – they put everything in a vivid place. So you don’t have any need to turn the whole website inside out with the purpose to find the needed place or information. Everything is clear and there is no need at all in getting help from customer support regarding navigation over the site. If EssayBox has a money back guarantee – they will tell you that directly without spare words. If they have some discounts – you will be provided with such information on the main page just having one single glance at it. That is one of those features I always put my attention at when observing the service and making my decision whether to deal with it or not. Also, that is a very right sign that the website is reliable and not a scam. For our days it is very important to know that the essay writing services we have the intention to use are safe. Another way to check the reliability of such writing services – just to check Reddit reviews about what people can say whether it is a trustworthy company. But pretty and convenient design is not what we really accent our attention at. All of us are looking for our document to be done. And not just to be done but to be done properly. So I ask not to be much focused on the design. Let’s see how the mechanism works inside this “writing machine”.

The list of products

Seems there is nothing impossible about the essaybox paper writing formats and types of texts you can order. The list of possible papers is so wide that allows you to order not only essay for study or some thesis statement but papers for work purposes or even something going outside the services presented on the list in the order form. Many Essaybox reviews state there were no problems with the delivered document. No mention of failure. It gives a very big plus to the website. However, my own experience didn’t prove the website’s perfection. Since absence of impossible tasks always hides some weak sides. I would not recommend to trust to those who promise you everything in the world without any limits at all.


They are high here. No – I don’t want to say that is the reason not to use the service. But in general, you should expect if making an order with them the final costs will make you a bit uncomfortable. Especially if you used some other writing essay services before and now decided to try EssayBox. You will feel the difference immediately when it comes to payment. Usually, it will be 11.40 USD per page for the high school paper. But getting to the tougher deadline the picture will look as follows. They offer three hours for urgent orders and promise to take even a PhD level paper with such a deadline. Telling the truth I have some suspicions of how such complex work is possible to manage in such a narrow timeframe. But nevertheless, they established the price for it as well. Thus, it comes to 31.35 USD per page of the high school paper and 57 USD per PhD page. The essay box also will give you additional optional documents if you are interested in the details about your text. Thus, you can request a plagiarism report, a copy of sources, a 1-page summary, or an editor’s check. If you review some other companies over the internet you will see they can write those additional pages for free. But it is not free with EssayBox Services But there is no bad without good. EssayBox offers a discount code for the first-time usage. It is not big – only five percent but still it is better than nothing. Another plus from them is the availability of the loyalty program which allows them to save some money if being a loyal customer who orders essaybox writing frequently. In the end result, you can save up to 15% of the final price. The same scheme they have for the bulk orders when the volume of the pages affects the price and the maximum discount comes to the same amount – 15%. In spite of the fact they have this loyalty program, you should make business quite often with them to “earn” a discount in the end. And taking into consideration their high prices I don’t believe you will keep in touch with them for a while. And I don’t consider their discounts profitable or attractive for customers. Also this service will tune many students against their services because of expensive prices. Speaking about how you can pay – they cared enough in order to make it as convenient as possible. The payment can be done by any method with any type of credit card including PayPal.

Writers’ skills

The first information they throw into your eyes about essaybox writers is the statement that every writer is highly-qualified and only the best of them work for the company. They clearly guarantee that you will deal with nobody else than a native speaker. But at the moment when you fill the order form and choose the necessary additional services you can see that there is another chance for you to secure the quality of your paper! They offer an advanced option with choosing a professional in your subject! But how come – you will ask. Even now I don’t have a clue why they do this. Of course, all of us clearly understand that it is all about additional money. In my case – I didn’t feel sensitive differently when I paid for the TOP writer and still got my paper eager improvements and correction. That came to me for an additional 7.59 USD per page. But when you hope that the highest enhancement will guarantee ideal work – you can add then ENL Writer option which comes for plus 8.54 USD. But again remember that I didn’t get my paper of higher quality when doing that.


I was thoroughly dissatisfied with the term paper I ordered from them. Whoever wrote it was not a native English speaker, and it reflected the work’s quality. It was such a headache to read through with numerous grammatical and punctuation errors; it was really painful. I sent it back for review three different times. Eventually, I had to give up when I realized the writer had reached his limitations and honestly could not do any better. I just wasted my hard-earned $120. – Eva L., University of Chicago student


Quality of the documents

Is essaybox reliable? The paper written by is not a masterpiece…  Obviously I got a non-native English speaker who wrote my paper. That was all telling about that – the structure of sentences, writer’s word stock he used through the text, punctuation, and expression of his thoughts. I had to ask a couple of times to review the result of his work as it was completely not acceptable format I ordered. Somehow it was fixed but not 100% percent. Okay, let’s leave it as it is. I prefer not to push hard if the company does its efforts to improve issues when the customer is not satisfied. And EssayBox definitely did that.

EssayBox Support

Contact them in the way which is most convenient to you. They provide all possible ways to do that. EssayBox Support Review Plus live chat is available here as well. The support team is doing their job very well. All your asked questions will be answered in no time.

Strong and weak sides


As a result…

If you wonder whether I use EsseyBox again – well, I will come back to their website again if there is no other quality essay writing service at the moment. But as we know that is impossible since many companies offer their service online and writers provide great academic writing for lower cost. We always look for such a paper writing service that is able to combine high standards for a reasonable cost. Based on the reviews I can say it is a good site but when it comes to practice we face a high price for every written document.  My essaybox review is written more for young people so that’s why I take into consideration such a factor as money. As a result, I say yes to essay box quality and no to its prices.

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