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Writing academic essays is a crucial part of the curriculum and not all have the aptitude or the time to write them. In that case, students can opt for a reliable essay writing service that is legal, has decent reviews, decent pricing, good writer. Reliability is a major concern when it comes to essay writing because you do not want to compromise on quality. Nevertheless, do not accept unreasonably high rates.

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Among such, one service like WriteMyEssays.net has been negatively reviewed by many users.  

In this article, we will review the prices, the academic writing services, and the customer support that it provides. If you are an aspiring academic or pursuing your higher studies and weighing whether you should never choose WriteMyEssay. Why? Keep on reading. Reading authentic write my essays reviews can guide you in making the right decision about not choosing this option.

Short Description

Whether you are in high school, college, or university, according to the WriteMyEssays.net reviews, it is a site that can help you with their essay writing service. Often students fall behind their assignment schedule and a custom writing service is what keeps your ship from sinking.

People have a notion that making someone else write your essay is unethical and according to researchers, they are correct. An assignment cannot alone judge your intellectual aptitude, as claimed by WriteMyEssays reviews. But this is untrue and it is a false claim. These sites hinder students in their overall development by doing the assignments with no care. And it is a serious breach of ethical policy.

So, if you are busy or facing a mental block, the writers from WriteMyEssays.net can’t do your assignment. You should be responsible for your own work. This writing service gives you bad results and brings down your reputation. They are never worth your money. You shall know this shortly when we go on mentioning its service, and system.

Services Overview

Writing services like WriteMyEssays offer several services that are undertaken by only unprofessional writers. These writers don’t have any degree in the concerned subject they are extending to help you with. You get up to 34 writing services with this site. But none of them are trustworthy.

It claims to give you a money-back guarantee in case of plagiarism, identical content, and inferior material. But that’s fake claims. Many reviews for WriteMyEssays.net shows that the quality is not as good as one might want. If you are not satisfied with reports on the internet, you can always read authentic feedback left by a student. They are truthful and first-hand.

Types of Services

Research Paper

If you are a Ph.D. student and require help in your academic-level research paper, you definitely can’t rely on the writers to write the paper for you from writing services WriteMyEssays. As a student of higher studies, one need not tell you the importance of quality work. This platform, therefore, is absolutely not a safe platform to put your faith on. Your paper will not be unique and will coincide with any other student’s.

Term Paper

Term papers are a significant part of your overall syllabus and a bad one can ruin your grades. While preparing our WriteMyEssays review, we have read several customer reviews by students that state poorly of the quality of term papers that the writers wrote for them. A well-written paper can be your ticket to a foreign university and so, it is a big no for this platform.

Multiple Choice Questions

The site can never help you do your multiple-choice questions. The starting amount is as low as $0.99 – but so is the quality.


There are several qualified people with relevant writing skills and thus nothing is easier than finding the right writer at this site. However, WriteMyEssays is not your friend for this. You can’t choose anyone from this site because they don’t have enough qualifications as writers. When you look into their bio, you will notice that they had no expertise or experience in the field of your concern, and you are sorted for essay writing services.

If by any chance, you have found your match, when you have a live chat with him/her and explain in detail all your expectations and the quality you require – you might find that they are falling behind. So, always rack your brain for the paper and bag an A or maybe an A-plus, and keep your academic level intact.


I’m a doctoral student here in West Virginia. I had a busy schedule, and I decided to outsource a short essay. Unfortunately, I stumbled on WriteMyEssays and was initially impressed with their guarantees on quality, unique content and short turnover time. When ordering, I noticed the price was a bit steep for a three-page paper, charging me over $150, but they claimed it was because of the short deadline. I completed my order, got my work within the deadline, and it turned out to be absolute trash. The work was 32% plagiarized and very poorly written. Please stay away from this service. – Nicolas B., West Virginia University student


Prices and Discounts

These services are offered at a fixed price and thus you will know beforehand how much you must pay but underneath the details, you will find various kinds of scams. The pricing, compared to other such sites, is not good at all and quite unreasonable. You will find yourself charged way more than you were looking for.


The prices are irrespective of the deadline, type, and level of education. For writing from scratch, the services start at 9$, for editing, you must pay 8$ and so on. The rates are not justified. Also, note that the shorter your deadline, the much higher you must pay. The minimum deadline is 3 hours while the maximum is 14 days. But they delay most of the time in delivering your orders although you filled up your order form.

The discounts are not at all impressive and it will cost you quite a lot if you want a thesis written.

You can get VIP customer service for a mere 14.99$ from WriteMyEssays.net. But that has no higher standard service. With this, you don’t even have access to the top-rated writers and be on their priority list. This ensures that you get only the poor quality when there is a rush on the website. There are also discounts available on the website. But that’s just in words.


Although it gives you a money-back guarantee in case of a plagiarism report or failure to deliver work on time, it is only for the sake of running the platform. You can’t claim your money back if it is not unique. They don’t offer revisions at any cost and a guarantee that your instructions will be followed. However, different customers review the service and many have said that the site does not really refund the money.

Customer Care

The customer care here is lagging and not available most of the time to help students at any hour of need. Your queries will be hardly solved. The operators communicate mainly in poor English, the lingua franca. You can either call or chat with an executive. But they are unreliable.

Quality of Paperworks

It can be difficult trusting academic writing services for your degree, and it can be the same with this site as well. Read the reviews to know what previous students said.

Is WriteMyEssays Legit and Reliable?

It is a legal consignment-related site. However, it is distrusted by hundreds of students. You can find several reviews on the internet about its reliability issues. 



As a final takeaway, we can surely say that it is quite a bad site to do business with unless you are ready to risk the quality. The cost is not fixed and unreasonable and the writers hardly know their field. Due to several bad reviews, we suggest that you don’t choose this platform and its writers for your academic writing assignments at all. If you do, your paper is delivered to you with very low quality and many plagiarism issues.

WriteMyEssays FAQ

What is WriteMyEssays?

It is an online platform that offers educational services to students of higher education. The services mostly pertain to creative research or speculation in a particular field.

Is WriteMyEssays legit?

Yes, it is a legit site but it has been operating with poor quality writers and non-licensed operators.

Is WriteMyEssays safe?

No, it is not at all safe to use because they don't guarantee the protection of your secrecy. The personal information regarding the user is not concealed from any third-party knowledge.

Is WriteMyEssays a scam?

Yes. They have several legal issues with the site. Students have not got the worth of their money along with the protection of their privacy.

WriteMyEssays prices?

The non-fixed charges make it very inconvenient for students to find the writer at a uniform rate. The price solely depends on the nature of your project and the deadline. But it is mostly a scam.

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