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A comprehensive review of Boomessays

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Do you dread writing academic essays and papers? We hear you. Most students simply lack the time or skills needed to help them finish all their academic assignments on time. Moreover, with the rising competition, it is quite challenging to submit high-quality tasks especially when you have to study for an exam or secure a job to pay the bills.

A lot of students think about hiring a professional writing service to help them submit their tasks on time. I decided to review Boomessays – an academic writing service and see if it is worth the hype.

Website: 6/10

Boomessays is a relatively new academic writing service that provides professional assistance to struggling students. The list of services includes academic tasks, editing, proofreading, copywriting, dissertation services, and rewriting. This might be tempting for students and professionals who don’t have enough time to finish their writing on their own.

The website looks modern and easy to browse. However, you will notice that the service hasn’t been hired by a lot of people, yet. If you are a risk taker, this might be appealing to you but most people prefer hiring a more reliable and well-established service.

Services: 4/10

By reading this Boomessays review, you should be able to decide on how comprehensive this website is. On the front page, they promise to deliver different kinds of writing services. These include:

  • Copywriting.
  • Editing.
  • Proofreading
  • Essay writing services.

If you browse the list of the services provided, you will see that it is very basic compared to other websites. Other websites offer different types of papers, reports, and essays that cover a lot of academic and business topics. This is not available if you choose to hire this particular writing service. In our review, we say that this is a suitable choice for people who are looking for something simple and straightforward.

Prices and Discounts: 4/10

Boomessays reviews focus on the discounts they offer to their clients. It is definitely a good thing that you can get a discount on your first order and on more orders to follow if you keep on using the service. Still, the price offered is not that affordable compared to other writing services. The lowest price is available only if you don’t need your paper urgently, can accept low-quality work that you plan to edit on your own or are ordering a low word limit. Since most students have something else on their minds when they are looking for a writing service, we believe that the low price is not a good value for the money. promises to review and amend your writing if necessary, and most of the time it is. These revisions are free of change but you will be wasting a lot of time waiting to receive a satisfactory academic assignment.

Writers: 4/10

There is a little information offered about the writers who work for this website. The number of writers who are currently working is around 270 writers with only 50 or 70 ones available on a daily basis to handle your request. If we are talking about the mid-term season or the time when most students submit their term assignments, then you might be in trouble. Moreover, you might have to accept working with an inexperienced writer because you can’t afford to hire a top-rated expert.

Quality: 3/10

“Is Boomessays legit?” Well, this is a valid question. Although the website offers samples to help you have an idea about the final quality of your academic submission, the sample is usually better. We think that Boomessays scam people by promising something that they can’t deliver. The essay or paper you will receive at the end will probably contain a large number of spelling, grammar, and even scientific mistakes. There is no plagiarism checking guarantee so you will most probably be accused of plagiarism if you submit the assignment you receive, unlike Edusson. You can definitely contact the customer support department and they will help fix your paper, but this is not the most practical solution especially if you are in a hurry.


We don’t think that Boomessays is the right choice for students who are looking for high-quality papers and essays. The quality offered is quite basic and the price is not a great value for the money. If you need excellent papers that are delivered on time, then you probably have to look for something else.

Rated: 4.7

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