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I make honest and objective reviews on paper writing services. This time, I came across Previously, I’ve seen many reviews and decided to do my investigation to tell you the truth about this company.

PaperNow Review: General Impression

The service looked legit to me. But only at first. I liked its design and user-friendly interface; however, I was slightly disappointed by a significant number of scam PaperNow reviews that don’t sound like they were left by the real customers.


I liked the guarantees offered at this service:

  • No plagiarism;
  • Timely performance;
  • Professional writers;
  • Around-the-clock support;
  • Money-back guarantee;
  • Free revisions;
  • Outstanding quality.

PaperNow Order As a rule, these are the exact features I am always looking for in my reviews but, unfortunately, I didn’t see even half of these promises to be true, which is why the grade in this section of my review is low. I would recommend my readers to use more reliable and honest services like Papers Owl.


They seem to use good software for protecting their customers. The company ensures that clients’ information would remain safe and confidential. However, in my opinion, this fact doesn’t mean a thing if they are cheating on their customers, providing low-quality services. Therefore, here I give PaperNow an average grade.

Ordering Process

Although Papernow seems to lack other vital aspects, they have put great effort into making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. This is particularly helpful when placing your order because it presents the contents simply to viewers. The ordering processes are as follows:

Fill The Order Form

Once you click on In this form, you will be taken to a more detailed segment where you would be asked to choose more options for a better writing experience. Be sure to choose the right paper type, subject category, deadline, and so on.

Additional Information

Here, you will be asked to upload any additional information that can help the writer better grasp the topic you have given.

Safe Payment

After you have chosen a tutor and confirmed your order, it’s time for payment. I like that they went to great lengths in employing software to protect their customers and keep their information private, but it seems to me like the only thing they went to great lengths for. Every other service was below standard. 

Prices And Discounts

PaperNow Prices There are many discounts offered. Every client can get a lifetime or one-time discount depending on the number and cost of the orders he placed with PaperNow. This may sound like a fair deal. However, since I have decent experience in reviewing writing services, I can say that the conditions for receiving a discount are quite shady because no one would place even a second order if he gets a low quality like this on the first order. PaperNow Discount Rather than this, prices are affordable and even cheap.

PaperNow Support

Compared to my previous review, their support is quite bad. If I compare it to papers owl support, the waiting time is too long (about 15 minutes), and the manager doesn’t seem to be well aware of the company’s services and offers. He wasn’t helpful at all. PaperNow Support


I like that writers’ accounts are publicly visible. In their accounts, you can find the whole information about a specific expert – his or her overall rating, number of completed orders, number of years he or she is engaged in writing, areas of expertise, customers’ reviews, and some other general info. In general, the qualifications of the writers look good. However, I made a test order for my review as I usually do, and after getting a paper, I figured out that the professionalism and qualifications of PaperNow writers are not quite true. PaperNow Writers

Papers’ Quality

I ordered a capstone project for psychology. It was submitted on time, but you can’t imagine my disappointment when I saw that it had many grammar and stylistic mistakes. To complicate matters, the paper was only 57% original. I had to send it for revision but even after it I couldn’t call it high-quality work. PaperNow Features

Is PaperNow Legit and Reliable?

 The legitimacy of this platform should not be questioned. They are not scammers and would deliver your work within the set time frame. What should be questioned, however, is their professionalism and efficiency.

Although there are many juicy features on their website, and most of it looks promising, it turns out the majority of it was fake after my investigation. Firstly, this platform boasts of experienced academic writers, but from my experience, and the reviews of other users, that is just another one of their many lies.

My project was submitted on time, but it had too many grammatical and phrasal errors, not to mention a high plagiarism score. Even after sending it back for editing and corrections, the article did not meet my standards.

Another thing I noticed in my review was how bad their customer support is. They took way too much time to respond to a simple text, and when someone finally did, he was not helpful at all and was unable to provide me with basic information about their services and offers.

All in all, I was extremely disappointed by the time I was done with PaperNow, and would not be recommending it in this review. They are pretty legit but very unreliable. 

Pros and Cons 

From the comments above, you already know the cons of this platform outweighs the pros, but PaperNow has a few charms of its own, which are:


My Conclusion

I was disappointed with the outcome of my review of PaperNow. I honestly expected it to be much better. Therefore, I wouldn’t trust all those reviews available on the website because they are obviously not true. After writing my review, I can give this service a grade below average, and I would not recommend you choose it! Rated: 4.5

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    The service is good for simple essays. So this is a good offer for a reasonable price😇