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Nowadays, most students have a hard time dealing with vast amounts of assignments, such as essays, term paper, reports, etc. They lack time, educational requirements and other resources, so it’s not surprising that they use the internet to search for different websites structured for this kind of business. There are so many online essay writing services out there that help students around the world with their essays, articles, research paper, etc. Most of these websites are considered suitable for meeting deadlines, pricing and quality, so they are highly recommended, while others can’t say the same thing. Now, our affordable papers review will take a look at one of these sites and see under what category they fall; whether they’re recommended or not. Affordablepapers is an official online writing service launched in 2008, so yes, we will be finding out whether it is scam or legit. Stay with us as we reveal the crucial details to you.

About Affordable Papers is a paper writing service known mostly for school and college students work. The website assists schools, college and university pupils from the US, Canada, Australia etc. If you review the website, you will see it typically comes off as a solid choice for those who can not afford other websites. But is it? It’s common knowledge that the cheaper a service, the less the quality of the outcome you will receive. In a similar vein, we found using this service rather disappointing, even though its prices are fair compared to other options. In fact, the price difference is insignificant. We ordered several papers just to review and see how they operate. Therefore, the first thing to know about Affordable Paper (if you want to save money) is that with a cheap essay comes troubles. The company states that it has over 500 active professional writers and more than 2 million written pages. It states that the writers are all educated, all experts, and all spread across various subjects. That is not true. We found that even though the service is equipped with multiple handlers, not all are capable. They couldn’t cover academic level requirements in the field of Mathematics. Not only that but also the fact that available writers lack sufficient experience to manage orders without your intervention effectively. Another misinformation can be seen on it’s “About us page”, where the lowest price when you place an order is written as $9.00. Well, that is misleading because first, it only possible when you order a high school paper, and second, although it is $9.00 per page, the minimum number of pages you can order is two. This means that the lowest total price is $18.00 and not $9.00. Affordable Papers Prices Review

What are the Types of Services?

At, a wide range of academic and additional help offered to high schoolers, college and university level students alike. Generally, they cover both academic papers and business-related tasks. Some of the services to be chosen include;

  • Book and movie reviews of any genre and kind
  • Assignments
  • Book report writing
  • Creative writing
  • Essays of any type
  • Research papers
  • Coursework
  • Analysis of any type papers
  • Home assignments
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Article/papers reviews
  • Blog posts
  • Lab reports
  • Personal statements
  • Business plans
  • Case studies
  • Dissertation or some of its chapters
  • Journal articles
  • Speeches
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Summary Writings
  • Critical thinking papers
  • Term papers
  • Thesis or some of its chapters, etc..

AffordablePapers Services Review Additional assistance (which come at extra costs) include the following:

  • Smart Paper: This generates comments on the essential aspects of your paper.
  • Copy of Sources: The writer behind your order supplies you with reference links to all the websites, books and article used while working on your order.
  • Progressive Delivery: You can get partial deliveries within the required timeline of your order, allowing you to review and correct anything within your original comments.
  • Writer Samples: With this service, you can request up to 3 work samples from a writer. This can help select a preferred writer whose experience aligns with your current assignment subject.
  • Writer Preference: As the name implies, you can choose from a list of writers. If you want one with standard capabilities, an expert, or a top-rated, and even an English native speaker, it is all possible.

Take note that although the writing company does offer many website features, it is unfortunate that this paper service is the subject of many bad reviews. In the past, there have been complaints about its academic writing because of  lack of scientific or factual content. The chief complaints are, however, about grammar, spelling, punctuation, creativity with students’ papers and more. Still, the site continues to sound generic than necessary, even with more technical work, such as research paper, case studies, term paper, and the likes.


At, writing help bears low prices, which will ultimately mean that writers are also paid below average. It can be deduced from this fact that writers willing to work for meagre pay usually have little experience and background of less-than-average employees. They ‘re just trying to make any kind of money. As a result, they lack the required expertise to write, therefore, you receive average quality. Another disadvantage is that these writers are not native English speakers. Many user reviews claim that the authors also lack proper language requirements because they have received poorly written language work. Although this is not a very rampant case, it is not a very good review for any student assistance website. The bottomline is that the staff lack experience and some language requirements that make them unable to deliver 100% of the time fully. Hence, you have to rely on luck when it comes to this platform

Payment Method

Affordablepapers offers various means of payment, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards for your papers. They also accept payments through PayPal. There has been no negative review of their payment methods. Transactions on this website are, therefore, flexible and safe across the geographical territory. They are secured by SSL encryption, which ensures that data relating to financial transactions are protected against both third parties and malware. The only worry could then be whether you have the approved currency to pay in. For instance, if you use Swiss Franc, you may have a hard time while issuing payment.


Price is one of the many reasons why students choose Affordable Papers. They currently charge $9 per page for high school paper, $11 per page for college level, and $15 per page for university level. So, you get affordable papers at the end of the day. As stated earlier, the lowest price varies. This means that price depends on additional fees applied and below is a table showing the prices. If you think this level of affordability comes freely to everyone, then you’re wrong. Depending on the quality of the paper you want, the prices will vary. Take a look below to get a clearer picture.

+10% Progressive Delivery
+20% Smart Paper
+25% Advanced Writer
+30% Native English Speakers
+40% Top 10 Writers
$5 Writer Samples
$14.95 Source Links
$4.50 Per the chart and PowerPoint slide of the School  level
$5.50 Per the chart and PowerPoint slide of the College level
$7.50 Per the chart and PowerPoint slide of the University

Even with the affordable rates, you may still need some promotional discounts but sadly, you can’t find a single one on the website as they already charge so little to include discounts. To know more about their pricing policies, click here.

Delivery and Deadlines

The delivery time is at least 8 hours, and we should not forget that it may take up to 48 hours long to find a suitable writer on your order. This is not very good for students who are in urgent need of help with their work. It’s a pity that their timing hasn’t improved much in more than a decade of their existence.

Customer Support

A lot of ex-customers have written bad reviews about Affordable Papers’ customer service system. They accuse these people of giving poor results because they are non-native English speakers. This was confirmed by the essay writing service. Others even complain of a slow response to queries related to the writer. Besides, every day you have access to help via live chat, email, phone or Facebook, except on Sundays, which are considered to be off-day.

Pros and Cons


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